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Book name : Healthy Foods
Price :   1,400       baht
Detail : The Healing Power of Foods

- Our health and well-being depend, more than on any other factor, on the food the we take in every day.
- Whereas some foods can be the origin of disease, others are capable of preventing, alleviating, or even curing, our ailments.
- A research physician and an author of extensive experience, Dr. Pamplona-Roger describes with scientific clarity and precision the composition, curative properties, and usage of nearly one hundred "star" foods.
- Their regular consumption can do as much for our health as most medicines and other medical treatments.
- Additionally, an indication is given as to which foods we should take advantage of, and which ones ought to be shunned when suffering from some of the most common diseases and maladies.
- This book will help the reader to know the foods endowed with medicinal power better, and enjoy eating them as well.