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Book name : Elaine egbert
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Detail : Every October 22, Adventists familiar with their heritage reflect on that black night in 1844 when jubilant hope was suddenly destroyed at the stroke of midnight.

What was it like to live through that shattering time? To sacrifice not only possessions, but the closest of human relationships, in preparation for meeting Jesus face to face? What must it have been like, as October 23 dawned, to weep oneself to exhaustion, suffocated by the crushing weight of an inexpressible grief?
 Till Morning Breaks, by Elaine Egbert, is a dramatic retelling of this heart-wrenching experience. Through the eyes, ears, and hearts of the Fletcher family and others, you will relive that traumatic time and taste these believers' passion for the Saviour in a way you never could with a straight historical account.
 As you read, at least two questions may surface: Are we today as willing as were our advent forebears to surrender everything in order or stand face to face with Jesus, with nothing berween?
 And could it be that we who live on earth a century and a half later will yet see, with our own eyes and in our own lifetime, the glorious morning of Christ's return that we've all awaited for so long?